Science vs. Black Magic

We are speaking about “Black” Magic as in, Magic performed by Blacks. Or, Subsaharan Africans to be specific.

Now there was this student at a South African university demanding Science be rejected

as a racist invention by slave-holding colonialists; and of course because science can’t explain how magic enables you to have someone be struck by lightning. Dwell on that for a second.

I didn’t watch that whole video because I found her quite annoying. But now I found a Black Guy who comments on it quite eloquently and makes it much easier to sit through it. #SCIENCEMUSTFALL . Well actually my own opinion is, government science is quite ineffectual these days, but that’s another debate.

P.S.: Interesting comment on the video:

“Her problem is that she literally thinks ( Im South African so I sould know, this is why the majority of south africans lack in the science department. Not only South Africa but Africa as a whole.) that Newton created gravity.”

That’s an interesting concept. Let’s have a Pan-African project of freeing the continent from the effects of Newton’s creation of gravity and see how it works out.


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