Media Self Censorship in Germany

Police reports and most media reports stay silent about the identity of criminals.

This is officially argued to be a necessary protection against discrimination. So when all the rapists in your city are Algerians this must not be reported to protect the remaining non-rapist Algerians.

It is really official – the German Press council, a voluntary association of nearly all journalistic media, has this as article 12.1 of their guidelines. Police reports follow it as well, the only exception being when the police is still searching for the perpetrators and cannot avoid giving a description – which can lead to discrimination! They retroactively remove photos and perp descriptions from their websites once they got their man.

Good wrap-up of this censorship at zerohedge.

A consequence is that journalism in Germany is worthless, and the newspapers are dying with a speed of average 10% readership loss per year. Good riddance, you deserve it. This includes flagship rags like Der SPIEGEL which is currently dying with a speed of 7% a year.

(This Untergang is documented quarterly by ; for those interested. We follow it gleefully.)

The media are a politically correct Leftist, culturally marxist conglomerate in the hands of a bunch of oligarchs. They’re all dying. One of the newspaper groups is owned indirectly by the SPD, the social democrat party – which is an outrage all by itself. But I think that group is dying even faster than the rest. Mostly based in Northrhine Westphalia, where Islamisation has progressed the most – and why would a Muslim read a German SPD newspaper. They have their Hürriyet and what have you in Turkish.

Then, there’s the state broadcasters which are kept alive with the forcible extraction of 8 bn EUR per year from each German household, about 20 EUR a month, of course, culturally Marxist, leftist, politically correct as well. We won’t get rid of those any time soon. Similar to the BBC’s forced financing. Only 4 times more expensive for an abysmal quality. I guess most of the money goes to cronies, not into production.

The state media basically do not report about crime at all. They’re all about bread and circuses, denunciation of government critics and history rewriting. Oh and pushing warmunism. And warmongering against Russia.

Yes it’s THAT bad. State media is basically MSNBC times 20. With a bit of PBS thrown in.

“Everything the state has he has stolen, and everything he says is a lie.” F.Nietzsche

P.S.: France, Sweden and Austria already finance their newspapers with tax money. This will come next in Germany. Politicians will say that this is necessary to preserve a plurality of opinions – when in fact only one (an ultra-statist, pro-EU) opinion will be allowed.

P.P.S.: This development of a dying, nihilist, self-absorbed media is in accordance with the concept of decline, devolution, degeneration, a dying world. So we have a confirmation right there.


5 thoughts on “Media Self Censorship in Germany”

  1. “Yes it’s THAT bad. State media is basically MSNBC times 20.”

    I don’t know. I would say they are on par, given how corrupt American media has become. But, if I’m wrong, and German media really are that much worse than American, you really do have a very serious problem indeed!


  2. Privacy is a big issue in the USA, so often the name and age of an alleged criminal is all that gets in the paper. Name is not given if the person is under age 18.

    When I still lived in the small town in western Pennsylvania, the local paper appeared on Tuesday and Thursday. On one of those days it was printed as “The ‘town’ Republican” and on the other day it came as “The ‘town’ Democrat.”
    The same folks wrote the Opinion Page on both days, just from the opposing viewpoints. The high school debate teams never knew which side of an issue they would have to argue for until about ½ hour before they started. That the local editorial writer did this did not seem surprising. Today, of course, it does seem odd.

    My current local paper is owned by Pioneer News Group, owned by the Scripps family. We get a lot of non-local human interest stories because these small papers have minimal reporters. They insert opinion material from syndicates. I use the Web to learn what the world is up to, and need several sources because none do a good job.

    A Seattle paper went to on-line only in March, 2009.


    1. “Privacy is a big issue in the USA, so often the name and age of an alleged criminal is all that gets in the paper.”

      EU journalists would call this a racist outrage. Here, you usually get initials, or names changed by the journalist, in some cases (AZ, Abendzeitung Munich) they change the islamic names to Christian ones! So a Yussuf becomes a Joseph. They really intend to disinform. Well, they want to tell you: all people are the same so we name them all with German Christian names. And by not buying their papers we want to tell them: Go away and die.


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