Early Christianisation of Asia

A few links about this forgotten history.

Wikipedia. Assyrian Church Of The East

wikipedia: 781 AD : Nestorian Stele Erected in China

wikipedia: Map of largest extent of The Church Of The East in the Middle Ages

Obviously Christianity was embraced by some people in the Far East. Maybe Christian  missionaries were welcomed. Maybe they waited for them, having their own prophecies of this to happen.

A few thoughts:

  • Some Old Testament texts like Psalm 37 sound nearly Confuzian.
  • The Lost Years of Jesus: Between his childhood and his appearance in his mid 30ies there is a gap. Some speculate he went East and came in contact with Indian /  Himalayan philosophies – Christianity is uncharacteristically peaceful for a Middle Eastern movement – certain similarities to Buddhism.
  • Brahma – Abraham – do weird phonetic “coincidences” with Eastern scriptures point to common origins? A Bible literalist would say, sure –  the Indians are descendants of Noah as well.
  • The Biblical Magi came via the Silk Road. Again – were Eastern peoples, possibly Chinese, expecting Jesus Christ to be born? There was a tradition that the (Mongolian) Naimans and their Christian relatives, the Keraites, descended from the Biblical Magi

And I just found this blog post: Hindu Origins of Christianity?

Which I need to recommend.


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