Western Youth Does Not Know Communist Genocides

Because, why would a leftist journalist -or college professor- want to tell them.


For instance, a third of millennials say they believe more people were killed under George W. Bush than Joseph Stalin.

To correct that impression, knowing a single genocide by Uncle Joe suffices:

The Holodomor (Ukraine, 1932-33, 7 million dead).

Democide: Data collected by Rummel about governments murdering their own people or parts thereof; usually leftist regimes – because they’re economic basketcases. And want Klassenkampf anyway. And the Kampf in Klassenkampf does NOT mean a polite exchange of arguments but the wholesale murdering of 30% of the population – the bourgeousie, which is a decadent European way of saying THE CITIZENRY – as opposed to “the workers”.


One thought on “Western Youth Does Not Know Communist Genocides”

  1. I read somewhere, a while ago, that the Lubavitcher Rebbe was once asked who was worse, Hitler or Stalin. He replied that in some ways Stalin was, since he killed perhaps twice…, and some say up to 4 times as many.

    Also, as I recall, the Stalin reign of terror lasted for much longer.

    But the bottom line is that since it is the Leftists who do the killing, the Leftist profs are going to keep their students ignorant of that history, and punish those who dare to learn the facts.


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