China Has A New Orbital Lab

TianGong-2 ; launched Sept 15, 2016. Rocket Shenzhou-11  (German article, China News) just brought two Taikonauts up.

Just noting this because I completely missed Tiangong-1.


7 thoughts on “China Has A New Orbital Lab”

  1. Well I appreciate very much the progress chinese space exploration does, however to me these are still astronauts, I really do not see why to add a new special Taiko-term to the english language just because they are chinese?

    Speaking of space, there was a new article showing the number of galaxies is much higher then previous estimations (10 times). Of course they mean these are smaller galaxies:


    1. I prefer to say Astronaut, Kosmonaut, Taikonaut – it’s what the respective countries decided to call their guys and it makes it clear about which ones we’re speaking. If only the Pan-Europeans would call theirs EUstronaut!


  2. Oh, btw, speaking of space exploration, should we not today learn about success or failure of the european-russian Mars landing module?


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