Luther vs. Erasmus On Free Will

Interesting argument between the two:

wikipedia: On the Bondage of the Will

Luther’s position: Humans can’t have free will because of the Fall. (I find that pretty weak. What’s the point of Satan trying to sway people from God then? Which is all what the Biblical Satan does. (He doesn’t run hell in the Bible. He’s the Prince Of The Earth. Who in the world had this idea that Satan is the boss of hell?))

What’s interesting is Erasmus’ argument: Just because God knows the future it doesn’t mean humans didn’t make their decisions:

He argued against the belief that God’s foreknowledge of events was the cause of events, and held that the doctrines of repentance, baptism, and conversion depended on the existence of free will.

That’s not only in line with my ideas but very elegantly expressed.

(tagged Germany because of Luther and philosophy because of Free Will)


One thought on “Luther vs. Erasmus On Free Will”

  1. Conditionally, it seems to me, both are correct. Works can’t save Man. Faith, properly directed, can; but that requires outward works reflecting the Faith. To have Faith, one must have Will, (without power from Will, what good is choice?). Man is free to choose either path. God doesn’t force us. Why would He? Freely given recognition, acceptance, obedience; and, dare I say it, love, are greater gifts than constrained automatic responses. As I have said before, Free Will operates on moral choices. I say thus must be so, directly from the nature of Existence (and the God that Is Existence).


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