Veganism And Atheism

So if you’re an atheist you think that no God created you, and that you’re the result of billions of years of a random process.

Just like all animals.

So you are in no way special or different from any animal.

The LOGICAL conclusion for an atheist is then to become a vegan – because otherwise he has no argument why cannibalism should not be practised whenever lunch time arrives.

The fallacy is then to still eat plants. Because they are in no way different from an animal – a result of the long random process.

The vegan atheists then respond, but plants can feel no pain.

But pain is just a momentary excitation pattern of an electrochemical circuit. Why should that make a difference?

Now of course, atheism is intellectually indefensible:

  • The idea of evolution of anything by itself sounds rather unlikely in a world where the 2nd law of thermodynamics holds. That goes for the evolution of stars, of planetary systems, of life. All these order-from-chaos things have successfully violated the 2nd Law? The thought is amusing. That’s one heck of a law then. (Genetic Algorithms DO work to a certain extent: We simply don’t have the 2nd law of thermodynamics messing up our solutions in our computer simulations. Why should we simulate that? It’s destroying the results!)
  • Atheism doesn’t have an explanation for consciousness / the self / the soul, whatever you wanna call it. The self-awareness. Circuits are not self-aware. *I* *AM*. So I am more than a circuit. (A new quality – how should that suddenly arise from otherwise ordinary matter? Oh through the magic of feedback you might say. Yeah that’s really magical. Well it is pretty magical but I produced many a feedback and I have yet to see a soul emerge. Fractal structures yes. Souls no.)

The next idea to defend “atheism” would then be to assume that sufficiently complex things automatically acquire a soul. But that’s morphing atheism into pantheism. Not much *A*theism in *PAN*theism IMHO…

An atheist can therefore only stay an atheist as long as he withstands his own constant cognitive dissonance – because his very own sense of being screams to him every day, I AM! Ignorance helps a lot.

So of course we are of a Godly nature. The details will be figured out. Or have been figured out depending on your point of view. A long long time ago. We are a bit squabbling over the timeline but that’s not a great point of contention.

Some time ago I found a HuffPo Germany headline “This young man explains in only 4 minutes why the world would be such a much better place without religions…”. I haven’t bothered to click the link. The young man has probably never heard of the Soviet Union. I did. When Solshenizyn published Archipelago Gulag. And the history of carnage fascinates me to this day. Atheism was on a roll.

For the carnage inflicted by atheism in the 20th century, see Democide (wikipedia)

For possible roots of it, see Frankism (wikipedia)

Needless to say, wikipedia gives just a glimpse. Search at will.



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