Protectionism vs. Free Trade

An American friend said in a comment ” WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO IMPORT ANYTHING! Why do we enrich foreign entities (many of which are antagonistic towards the US) while we cause Americans to lower their standard of living?”

My comment on his blog was:

Building interdependence between regions was always part of the UN/NWO plan “to avoid war” (and to achieve world government eventually) by making it impossible for any nation to survive on its own.

The free trade argument goes back to Ricardo. He made certain assumptions, then developed his theory based on them. These assumptions do not hold today. Therefore protectionism should be considered as a policy option.
One important assumption is mobility of labor.

Now does this hold internationally? What *IS* the mobility of labor in the Free Trade zone of US interstate commerce? 3 % a year. Meaning that after ONE GENERATION the entire population of any given state might have been replaced by a new one.
And it’s probably the same within Germany which has 18 states as well.
Can this work between nations? Well in the case of Germany that would be 2.5 million people migrating in and out every single year. A nation state and a souvereign people clearly becomes impossible. Meaning a constitutional state becomes impossible. The basis of the constitutional state is the constitutional assembly where the PEOPLE decide how they want to live (something that the Germans still have not been allowed to do – we have an Ersatz constitution imposed on us, still being under occupation obviously).

So in the case of the USA that would be 9 million migrants every year migrating in and out.
Vox Day made the case against Ricardian Free Trade.

There should also be writings from him on his Vox Populi blog but I haven’t yet checked. And an e book he has out.

Personally, I see the Lincoln era USA with its railroad building, at the same time the Bismarck led Reich with the same policies and today’s China as great examples of protectionism for Nation Building – oh and post-WW 2 Japan. They got VERY favorable conditions after the USA “beat them” (now why would THAT be? And, why would GERMANY of all nations get super favorable conditions after being *THE* enemy? Surprises in history… The official history of the 20th century is obviously best described as The Big Lie).

( copied from here )


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