Global Warming Oktoberfest

I’m 30 km south of Munich and Oktoberfest has started this weekend. No I won’t be going there. It’s crowded and expensive and I can have German Beer all year long thank you very much. And Schnitzel of course. Now what’s Global Warming been doing for the festivities?

The moment I escaped northbound on Thursday torrential rain and cold gripped Munich. I had a nice autumnish weekend 600 km to the north, since Monday 1 A.M. I’m back in Munich and it’s raining nonstop and it’s so cold I need to get winter gloves for my bike rides. Good thing they have tents on the Wiesn.

Oh and I discovered that during Oktoberfest Munich switches into high gear – normally the metro (the S-Bahn I’m using to be specific) leaves every 40 minutes late in the night – this time I entered the S Bahn platform at 1:10 AM and to my amazement they had full service with 10 min intervals as they have during the day on all lines. Trains were coming and going and quite a bunch of guys and gals in Lederhosn and Dirndl. Sorry no photo.

Also, the African drug dealers were suspiciously absent. Maybe they got scared by the Bavarian outfits.

Well anyway. People here tell me it’s the ugliest weather for 8 years. Which confirms my suspicion that we are gliding into a very cold phase very quickly (sum of 200 year solar cycle and 60 year solar cycle; grand solar minimum; collapse of solar magnetic field, no sun spots, weakening terrestrial magnetic field as a consequence, more cosmic rays entering atmosphere, causing more clouds, Svensmark mechanism, see also Jasper Kirkby and the CLOUD experiment at CERN, more clouds creating a higher albedo, reflecting more visible sunlight to space, leading to cooling).

8 years would also be about the interval since the last La Nina (we are in one now).

So this all works out as expected (not by the Warmunists but by me and other realists.)

P.S.: So why is it that Munich is more rainy and colder than Braunschweig 600 km to the North? Well it is about 600 m higher, so the lapse rate tends to cool it by about 4 centigrade, higher insolation normally compensates for that, but, when there’s clouds they tend to aggregate here, jamming up in front of the Alps which are another 50 km south of where I am. As I don’t like it hot – and no cheap German dwelling has A/C – that’s just fine with me. Gotta get me my Bundeswehr Parka though.


5 thoughts on “Global Warming Oktoberfest”

  1. I’m also, successfully, avoiding Oktoberfest. About 3 years now. It’s far too crowded, expensive and too many drunks around. But speaking about weather, Munich has the most sunny days too! 🙂


      1. …about 10% more than my hometown Braunschweig (60 km east of Hannover).
        Notice that that map does not use sun hours per year but annual kWh/m^2. Should be 800 to 1000 sun hours per year depending on the place.


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