Off To The Killing Fields!

Ever desired to move to the big city, say London, where you’re surrounded by interesting races like Blacks, Indians, Pakistanis and Lord knows what, only to subsequently…

…massacre them?

Wait, that doesn’t sound quite right, let me start over.

Ever desired to move to a village in the woods where you’re surrounded by evil creatures like Orks, Ogres, Elfs, Dwarfs and Dragons, only to subsequently massacre them! Ah that’s better. We are talking about fantasy !

Now of course all these creatures hide from us in the real world, well aware¬† of our supreme machine-gunning skills, that’s why we have developed fantasy games like World Of Warcraft, the fabled wrecker of innumerable existence and family life – so much so that it was the Moral Panic of approx. 2010.

And as we all know, you’re either on the dole or forced to toil in which case there’s just no time to play it.

And that’s why ingenious probably dwarfish inventors have AUTOMATED the tedious process of actually playing a fantasy game – and in the process stripped off all that useless graphics that only forces you to buy big heavy expensive energy-hogging gamer PC’s that sound like a vacuum. Best of all, it’s free and online.

Jump right into the battle with


(and yes, enable JavaScript. Do it. You don’t wanna miss it. Relax. Just roll the dice and watch your warrior career take off with no hassle at all. You might wanna make yourself a cup of coffee and rest in your comfy chair while your computer does the rest for you.)



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