“Minority” Crime Is Legal In The West

“Petty Crime” (stealing 3000 USD’s worth of appareil in broad daylight) is not persecuted in the USA anymore – instead of zero tolerance it’s now all the tolerance. Video:

So we are now in a THX 1138 style world where the authorities decide willy-nilly when not to persecute or when to drop persecution.

Upholding the Rule Of Law is the FIRST duty of a state. A state that acts arbitrarily loses legitimacy. The cost to the state will be higher than the state expects.

It would not be a big problem if the state were cheap. But today’s state is ultra-expensive. We would expect an ultra-expensive system to work. But it doesn’t.

Why am I talking about this here from Germany? Very similar things happen here. Petty crime by imported Muslims is not persecuted, or IF the police reluctantly appear after having been called the third time in a day to the same store, they take the name of the perp and let him go. No consequences. When they manage to track a stolen cellphone and locate it in an asylum home, they don’t go there.

I would pay a 3% tax rate for such a state. I wouldn’t pay a 50% tax rate for such a state.



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