Humanity’s Decline Accelerates: The Enemy Is Now A Total Mutant Moron

Millenials. I mean it’s not their fault. They have about 400 mutations more than the people around the time of the October revolution, and even most of those were morons.


58 percent of Americans ages 18–24 said they viewed socialism favorably. However, when asked if they favored a free market economy or a government-managed economy, 64 percent of Millennials said they favored the free market.

They didn’t get the memo that socialism wants to DESTROY the free market. Not happily cohabitate; not trade with the free market, no, DESTROY it. You either have central planning or you have individual decisions.

As to, why enemy? Well of course socialists are the enemy of any civilization.

Exhibit #1: Venezuela

Why does socialism ALWAYS fail? Because it’s not a solution to the information problem of resource allocation. It fails for information-theoretical reasons. And that’s been known since before the invention of modern information theory!

Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth

von Mises, 1920 – written in reaction to the catastrophic economic decline of the newly minted USSR, still in its civil war phase.

So if American colleges actually taught anything – I mean they’re leftist so shouldn’t they teach the history of the USSR? – those poor student debt slave Millenials should know this. But they don’t.

So they pay, I don’t know, 20K USD for a bill of goods? They’re mutant morons.




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