Anarchists for Government Intervention; Feminists for Attacking Women Physically

Canada, Gavin McInness, Lauren Southern, MAR 2016, Video 7min after the break.

And re the anarchists who protested so the government would not let a small government advocate enter the country: Anarchists started calling themselves anarchists when Czarist Russia censored the term Communist in the late 1900’s, so when you hear about the great old Anarchist Bakunin, he was just the Lenin or Trotzky of the moment; he wanted a government; run by himself, that’s all that anarchists want: They’ve been communists all along.

Well granted some modern anarchist water carriers constantly try to fill the word with meaning by claiming they really ARE against all governments but they just end up confused and ineffictive. Hey just recognize you’re in a communist movement that uses anarchism as brand name and your cognitive dissonance will make way for strong communism, comrade.

BTW why do I keep linking to things happening in Canada – simple, at least Northern Germany is EXACTLY like that but we have way more censorship; if you get attacked by German Antifa like in the video above and you post that video you immediately get sued because you violate the privacy of those poor communists whose faces are recognizable. I mean you commit crimes or say stupid things in public, heavens prevent that anyone dare LOOK at you right? You can film in public places here but you cannot publish.

But, as the West has the same communists everywhere, we can just look at the above video and that’s all we need to know.

P.S.: Attacks by throwing fecal matter have become a common tactic by the Left over the last few years at German demos as well. They also throw water bottles that they put in the freezer before. Now this is a bit more effective than throwing just water bottles because ice is harder; but; still a stupid kind of projectile because of the low specific density.



2 thoughts on “Anarchists for Government Intervention; Feminists for Attacking Women Physically”

  1. Well, this isn’t cognitive dissonance, but it is some entertaining double talk I thought you might get a kick out of. (It’s an oldie, but still good).

    Why? because there’s just too much really serious social mega-fail that I can take, and if I don’t get in a laugh once in a while (and share it occasionally), I worry I might turn into an angry humorless drone, not unlike the useless Leftists we’re trying to expose.


    1. Thanks! I’ve seen it once but forgot!
      Well personally the SJW’s are a GREAT source of laughs for me. They always manage to exceed the level of hilarity they had before.


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