Lesbian Feminist Brains Turn Pretzel-shaped

…over unfortunate positive critique of animated horror comedy film Sausage Party.

You know, they should have noticed that the film is sexist, racist and trans-mysogynistic – after all, their readers did – but they didn’t. Giving rise to much hilarity. Excerpt from Breitbart report:

It seems that the team are really dedicated to creating a safe, welcoming space for all of their readers. In the Slack logs, Hogan posted that she hopes “it’s not transmisogynistic… [she] went through ten pages of google results and tumblr and didn’t see anything about transphobia or transmisogyny.” Discussing back and forth with Vasquez about the details, Hogan said she was “having a crisis” over the movie, but was reassured by Vasquez that the “community can critique the hell out of it and pick it apart,” and it was for “stupid fucking men” anyway, so it didn’t really matter what they posted.

Much more over there… I love how the lesbian feminists first check the Internet to sniff out whether it is politically correct to say something. You can’t be careful enough! The walls have ears!



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