Lauren Southern Visits Germany

….Duisburg-Marxloh to be specific; finds that it looks unlike she imagined Germany…

Duisburg is a town around a giant steel works and places like Marxloh are the old workers quarters. While the steel works are still operating right next to the industry harbor, the amount of workers needed is much smaller today so those old worker quarters near cargo railway stations and industry harbors are today home to mostly welfare recipients, mostly of Turkish origin, offspring of the Gastarbeiters recruited in the 1960ies.

Back then, German industry needed workers, wanted them only temporarily, and wanted Southern European Christians. Industry and Politicians were aware of the huge cultural schism to Islam and never wanted to import Turks – but were forced by the US who wanted to help newly recruited NATO ally Turkey while at the same time fracture the social cohesion of German society through large scale Muslim import – which worked. While Germany was key ally of the USA, she is also always a potential threat due to her relatively high industrial prowess.

Oh, and everything right north of the River Ruhr is entirely islamic today: Gelsenkirchen, Gladbeck etc.

Hint to tourists: To assess the degree of the islamisation of an area in Germany, just search mosque in Google maps and count the spots. And of course, visit the old worker quarters for your Friday prayers and Halal shopping. Marxloh is especially famous for its main shopping street which consists ENTIRELY of Turkish bridal fashion shops. So if you need a few hundred Turkish bridal dresses it’s the place to visit.


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