The guys who made the Netflix series Stranger Things know their Krautrock.

Sequences remind of Berlin sequencer group Tangerine Dream; melody reminds of Neu! (Rother and Dinger of the Düsseldorf scene which also had Kraftwerk – Dinger being a Kraftwerk drummer at a time I think); also see : Klaus Schulze ( who started as drummer for TD then got bored with it and split off exploring the possibilities of the British EMS Synthi; google youtube for EMS Synthi and EMS vocoder, two very charming and unique devices. )

Fun fact – Tangerine Dream mastermind Fröse stole a lot of his melodies from Schubert. At least in the early days of the band.

While we’re at British music electronics we should give a big mention to the fantastic ARP Oddissey – famously used by Ultravox’s second-genius-in-command Billy Curry (second that is, after John Foxx) :

Oh and how do I know that the series Stranger Things EXISTS? You know I’m not watching anything TV like. Well I do because redlettermedia just talked about it – and I’m wathing them so they watch stuff for me and I can do other things.


One thought on “Krautrock”

  1. Kraut rock,is that anything like a soup stone? My Mother had one, she would put it in a pot of water and boil it for supper. Oh I’m sorry,when you said krautrock I thought you speaking of fermented cabbage,sorry.


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