The Origin Of Progressivism

keywords: Eugenics, Darwin, Galton, Keynes, Evolution, Decline, Singularity

Today the term progressivism sounds like a clever marketeer hijacked the word progress to sell socialism. Well it turns out that at a time socialism WAS seen as progressive and superior to capitalism (which is a word for free trade that Marx coined).

But there was another aspect to what was seen as progressive…

…namely, Eugenics.

(Link goes to “The Dark History Of Liberal Reform at New Republic)

After you’ve accepted evolution it becomes perfectly clear that you should help nature along in creating the Übermensch. Even Darwin already railed against the Irish in The Descent Of Man. Wait… this is going to be a dump…

     Thus the reckless, degraded, and often vicious members of society, tend to increase at a quicker rate than the provident and generally virtuous members. Or as Mr. Greg puts the case: “The careless, squalid, unaspiring Irishman multiplies like rabbits: the frugal, foreseeing, self-respecting, ambitious Scot, stern in his morality, spiritual in his faith, sagacious and disciplined in his intelligence, passes his best years in struggle and in celibacy, marries late, and leaves few behind him. Given a land originally peopled by a thousand Saxons and a thousand Celts—and in a dozen generations five-sixths of the population would be Celts, but five-sixths of the property, of the power, of the intellect,      would belong to the one-sixth of Saxons that remained. In the eternal ‘struggle for existence,’ it would be the inferior and less favoured race that had prevailed—and prevailed by virtue not of its good qualities but of its faults.”,_and_Selection_in_Relation_to_Sex

He liked the attempt of Friedrich The Great to cultivate giants:
“Nor have certain male and female individuals been intentionally picked out and matched, except in the well-known case of the Prussian grenadiers; and in this case man obeyed, as might have been expected, the law of methodical selection; for it is asserted that many tall men were reared in the villages inhabited by the grenadiers with their tall wives.”

You might try googling “The progress of the favored races” for more fun.

More notes:

  •  Darwin was FANTASTICALLY wealthy (pottery industry)
  •  Darwins first cousin Francis Galton, world famous explorer, also eugenicist,
    tries to find ways to make the poor infertile with hormones
  • All the important boarding schools in the US emerge in the first 7 years
    after The Descent Of Man ! They were designed to allow the leading class to interbreed – a progressivist/Eugenicist institution.
  • Wilhelm Wundt – teacher of Pavlov, originator of behaviorism,
    said children have no soul!
  •  At that time you could only get a PhD in Germany! so all the american controlfreaks
    went to Germany to get their ticket and got influenced by Wundtian anti-spiritual thinking.

Most of these notes stem from me scribbling down and searching stuff while listening to  John Taylor Gatto…

Now what’s my take on this?

  • Darwin and Galton did not know of Mendel , genes, difference between genotype and phenotype; so they never understood or even noticed that stupid parents can have genius offspring and vice versa. So their eugenicist ideas are to be rejected right there. Not even talking about ethics here.
  • We are degenerating. (If you think your kids are mutants that’s because they are)
  • We have been created not so long ago and our time is running out. (Bar better scientific explanations this is the logical conclusion so far)
  • We can make a little progress with our technical creations during our remaining time and that’s it.
  • Neanderthals had bigger brains than we; they are the original white race and spread from Europe over the Caucasus and all of Siberia. (They tell you you have 5% of genes from Neanderthals. Yet Humans have 40% of genes already in common with bananas. And what, 97% in common with chimpanzees?)
  • So the reality is: Pretty much ALL your genes are derived from Neanderthals (if you’re more or less white) – and your other forefathers. You are only severely degenerated. That’s why your brain is smaller. You are weaker. And you probably have a shorter lifespan as well. A weaker immune system. Etcetera.
  • Why do WE have all the gadgets and the Neanderthals didn’t when they were so smart? Well maybe they had quite different technologies. Maybe somewhere along the line their offspring constructed the pyramids on all the continents. Those bearded guys with red hairs depicted on ancient stone reliefs, coming from afar in seaworthy ships. And, technology is the accumulation of thousands of years of hard work. It has now approached singularity speed / escape velocity – a new creation – but it took us a while to get there. There’s no new Aristotle today; we’re just assembling what greater minds had already envisioned with more clarity. Even a Gödel seems impossible today.
  • Idiocracy is a likely scenario for the immediate future.
  • The Vedas describe a gradual decline of the Human Race(s)
  • Decline is to be expected under thermodynamics.

So, a decline of our mental capabilities and societal norms as we observe right now is exactly what the prediction is.

The great thing about this is: You can get ahead just by waiting. The youngans won’t be a competition. They will marvel at you and scratch their tiny heads and wonder why you’re so smart.

And they will never find the answer because their stupid teachers tell them that they are the new superior evolved generation.

P.S.: John Maynard Keynes married into the Darwin / Huxley clan  and became the president of the Eugenics society. Look it up. True story. Eugenics was all the rage in Anglo-American Elite circles long before Hitler – Hitler just imitated the modern progressivists of the US/UK Empire.






15 thoughts on “The Origin Of Progressivism”

  1. It’s interesting that one of your keywords is “Singularity.” I’m not sure why, because your only use of the word is juxtaposed to “escape velocity.” In my opinion, the whole post should be dropped into a singularity.



    1. Well the von Neumannian Technological Singularity of course. See Vernor Vinge’s novels as well. Sorry I didn’t make that clear. Yeah some people immediately think Black Hole when they hear singularity.

      So, you already knew that Darwin was the offspring of a British ultra rich clan and hated the Irish, so my post is redundant. Hmm, that means that my work is done here. Just as well.


      1. >>
        They tell you you have 5% of genes from Neanderthals. Yet Humans have 40% of genes already in common with bananas. And what, 97% in common with chimpanzees?

        There seems to be some confusion here. Let me help.

        Ignoring rare cases such as nondisjunction, you inherited 50% of your genome from your mother. You inherited 25% of your genome from your mother’s father–your maternal grandfather. You inherited 12.5% of your genome from his father and so on. How many genes do you have in common with one of your great-grandparents? Possible answers are: a) 12.5% b) 100% or c) some other value. What percentage of genes did you inherit from one of your great-grandparents? a) 12.5% b) 100% or c) some other value.



      2. My bad. Your maternal-grandfather gets 50% of his genes from his father. He can then pass on to your mother anywhere from zero to 100% of those genes. Let’s call that percentage a. Then your mother could pass on to you anywhere from zero to 100% of those genes. Let’s call that percentage b–that is, b of a. So it’s not really 12.5%, but b of a. The other choices remain the same.



      3. Well great Jim. Now let’s ask how different is the Neanderthal genome from the genome of an African at that time. Well I guess 99.5% identical right?

        Face it: The famous claim we have so and so little genes from a Neanderthal is just a carefully designed phrasing to convince people that they are bleached negroes to 95%. The Out Of Africa theory looks as shaky to me now like all other government science of the 20th science.


      4. My big big beef with the conventional story is that it is an absolute mystery how an upward development of mental capacities through evolution should be possible. Given the high mutation rate and necessity of multi-objective selection pressure in a species that has so few offspring as humans. I found a very detailed video about a Crabtree paper – which the speaker basically completely recites while interjecting some commentary.
        Long, and with an interesting discussion in the second half.


      5. The reason for my interest in the Neanderthal vs Homo Sapiens story is that Neanderthals had huge brains and today, whites have 60 ccm more brain volume than Africans on average, and Chinese and other sinoids have I think 7 ccm more than whites. From what I gather from the 2nd video – they don’t mention the Neanderthals – but at one point the video shows a backwards history of hominid brain volumes – the jump in brain volume in their stats comes about at the time that the Homo Sapiens – Neanderthal gene mixing happened.

        So where did the Neanderthal get his huge skull? This is a total mystery AGAIN.


  2. My Neanderthal day today…
    At 7:13 this science guy says: The difference between Humans and Neanderthals is largely about the difference between humans who are alive today.


    1. Dirk, something to think about, with respect to cranial volume. Look at a CT/MRI scan. Note that the skull not only has to contain the brain, it has to contain the cushioning CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) and the supporting vasculature plus the connective tissue. When you look at a macrocephalic head and a microcephalic head, also look at hydrocephaly. Now add to that parasitic burden and malnutrition of various kinds.

      We can’t CT a living Neanderthal to give context, let alone CT a population.


      1. We should simply splice all we got into a modern embryo and see what we get. Probably an irate ginger with a huge noggin.


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