Feminism and Atheism

I know I’m late here. This is a history post. I am currently

So the story of the latter is this: There is this atheist movement in the USA which decided to turn itself into Atheism+, meaning atheism plus SJW’s; willingly formed an Entente Cordiale with SJW’s, churning out rules saying harrassment against minorities would be frowned upon INCLUDING HARRASMENT OF RELIGIOUS PEOPLE!!!!!!!

This is just great, great fun. This BTW led to Richard Dawkins, the Uber-Atheist, being accused of harrassment and self identifying as a white male, being kicked out of a “Skeptic” conference. This is all just so endlessly amusing.

One note about thunderf00t: He’s amusing, he’s a scientist, he’s a 100% materialist experimental physicist; meaning: he is a philosophical nitwit and hopefully someday he starts trying to grasp non-physical aspects of existence (of which consciousness is the elephant in the room obviously).

So do understand; I can listen to guys like him while being fully aware that even he is still just like a 2dimensional theorist in a 3dimensional world. Same for Stefan Molyneux of course. After Gödel drove a stake through the heart of logical positivism the atheist, i.e.  purely materialist approach is of course philosophically obsolete – as Wittgenstein recognized. Molyneux and thunderf00t might eventually come around… they’re smart enough for that – just give’em some time.

Until then, I am fascinated by the mutual destruction of two rabid social movements – atheism and SJW-3rd-wave feminism… Do these movements attract toxic people? It seems very much like it.

Well what am I talking. Of course they do.



4 thoughts on “Feminism and Atheism”

  1. Movements attract people. People, by and large, suck. There simply isn’t enough good people for a good movement. Well, that and good people tend to know better than to get caught up in the bullshit that attracts the masses.


  2. Atheism is just another superstition, man. Like religions that treat their assumptions as fact, without proof, atheism assumes there are no deities, without proof. Agnosticism. And you have a group of any number of people, and chances are they’re all jackasses. Mature people are few and far between, and they learn early on to stay away from gatherings.


    1. Yeah… the atheists shy away from explicating the consequence of their belief: That only a material level exists.
      Which has consequences. Buddhists believe that the material world is an illusion, atheists believe the reverse. But, if all consciousnesses are just illusions, why not eat your neighbour for lunch. Maybe he tastes nice. They just won’t go there. I asked them repeatedly where I met them.


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