Total Welfare State pleads for understanding the Cannibal Terrorists it arms

It escaped my attention and it’s 2 years ago. Now, the chain of events was this:

  1. CIA arms “moderate Syrian rebels which are not evil terrorists”
  2. One of their members called Abu Sakkar has himself filmed while eating the liver of one of his dead victims (he erroneously assumed it to be the victim’s heart)
  3. The Fabian BBC, which  the British public is forced at gunpoint to finance, interviews the cannibal, letting him plead for understanding his cannibalistic cause. No kidding.

That’s what you finance, Western tax slaves. That’s the nature of Fabianism. That’s the ethics of the future World Socialist Dictatorship they (and the EU) have planned for you.

They later also claimed the cannibal was killed, maybe they noticed that this particular PsyOp wasn’t going to be useful for the Fabian cause. You will by now have noticed how frequently they claim this or that terrorist got killed, the next day he’s up and running again. One minor figure, the black Berlin ex-rapper Denis Cuspert, now allegedly an ISIS member, has three deaths behind him by now, just as an example. They print in their media willy-nilly whatever they deem appropriate; like an international concern rebooting a comic story for a new blockbuster movie. So, how often did the Lusithania sink? Who knows.


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