Concerning the Terror in Germany…

…it seems I’ve gotten through it pretty well…

…it was a rough ride but Windows 10 sort of works on this notebook now. (Rough because I needed to switch from a Win 7 machine to this Win 8 machine and then upgrade it to Win 10 and that took more GBytes of data transmission than I had around (*); plus, old software had some issues with post-Win 7 environment)

(*) Germany is the land of NO FREE WIFI (and most of the times, just NO WIFI) 

The Win 10 still loves it to revert to US keyboard layout every time I close the notebook but I will eventually hunt that one down and neutralize it.

Also, Win 10 looks boxy. I think it is the first WIndows that tries to optimize screen estate usage through maximal boxiness.

What, you expected me to talk about Arabs blowing themselves up, wielding axes and long knifes, or shooting people with a Glock? Ah that. They’re all dead.

A German guy got convicted for writing an e-mail to head of regional government NRW, Hannelore Kraft, SPD, in which he stated her IQ was less than that of a loaf of white bread; the judge ordered him to pay 2000 EUR for insulting her; founding her ruling in the fact that white bread has no IQ.

Ontologically, that makes his statement just invalid, not true or false,  and when it is an invalid statement, how can that be used to call his statement an insult? If I were him I would get a better lawyer and a retrial.

Source at metropolico

Hey and look how the BBC headlines about the attempted mass murder at Ansbach.


“Syrian Refugee Dies At German Blast”

Don’t you just love the internationalsocialist Fabians / Pan-Europeans at the BBC? Don’t forget: The BBC wants a worldwide socialist dictatorship. That’s what Fabianism is about. They will do anything to attack any successful nation including their own.


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