String of Terror Attacks in Southern Germany

3 attacks in 3 days; just copy-pasting a comment I just made somewhere else in reply to a US friend…


Dirk, looks like you guys are getting an attack by a displaced immigrant every week now…..

…and British intelligence says Erdogan planned the coup……

  • DirkH says:

    More like every day:
    Friday: Sonboly kills 9 in Munich
    Saturday: Syrian refugee kills woman, injures 5 in Reutlingen south of Stuttgart, until a Turk runs him over with his BMW.
    Sunday: Explosion at music festival with 2,500 visitors in Ansbach near Nuremberg. Only perp killed, as security wouldn’t let him in- HE HAD NO TICKET!!!! This Syrian refugee had his application rejected as he already had applied in Bulgaria. He was marked for extradition but that never happened . He had all the tools to make his bomb IN THE ASYLUM HOME!!!!!

    With regards to the Machete attack: Those happen every few weeks for YEARS now but it is the first time one of these makes national headlines.

    People here don’t actually know the RAMPANT massacres happening ALL THE TIME in the No Go Areas (or at night on weekends in inner cities) – they are reported only in the police reports and in the local press so ordinary Germans do not get the situation room perspective that I have… I use aggregators like or go to the police websites myself.

    So it happened last year that I worked in Velbert and asked a colleague from nearby Hattingen, hey, do you know that school where that girl had her throat slashed? And he didn’t even know that it happened at all in his 20,000 inhabitants small town…

    People don’t know… so they stay unprepared. I carry some hard and heavy objects in my luggage at all times.


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