Developing: Terror in Munich

Currently about 3 shooters with rifles are on the loose in Munich and have killed 6 people so far; widespread panik in the city, main station evacuated. Well Friday nights.

I’m 600 km to the North today, hope they got that cleaned up on sunday when I’ll go down to Munich again.

And, I am constantly amazed by people’s reaction to gunshots – they either just stand there or they run some direction. People, you’re doing it wrong. First, you drop to the ground, second, you crawl into hiding.

Well, left-green Germans.

video at Focus of initial attacker at a McD’s at Olympiazentrum

Heh: in one of the videos at Focus (which has its HQ in Munich) a reporter girl describes how panic broke out around her while she was at the Viktualienmarkt, “people ran in all directions”. See folks: As long as you don’t know where the shooter is it is pointless to run. Just drop. You’ll make a much smaller target – and the shooter can’t tell whether he already got you – he’ll continue shooting on the ones running.


25 thoughts on “Developing: Terror in Munich”

  1. Munich under total lockdown, all public transport stopped, flights stopped… Whereabouts of shooters unknown… armies of police swamp the city…

    This is what you get in a society where nobody is allowed to carry a gun: An entire megalopolis gets terrorized by THREE guys with rifles. Well in the video it actually looks like a pistol – but police says “Langwaffen”, rifles. Don’t know how they come to that conclusion.

    This is RI-DI-CULOUS.


      1. as I continue watching the livestream they repeat scenes of the guy shooting at the McD’s over and over – and NOW he gets BLURRED while shooting, so while we are watching they are editing the video to make it impossible to see what weapon he fires. Expect more details to be erased.


        It is BTW a common practice in Germany to ONLY release surveillance footage 8 months after a crime when police measures failed, and IF the public then helps to identify the perp and he gets caught, the surveillance pics are ERASED from all police websites – of course, to protect the identity of the perps, which is holy for the German regime. ESPECIALLY when they’re black or Muslim (because, protected grievance groups).


  2. Police now claims, might be only one guy, says, only shots were at Olympiazentrum, nothing in inner city, and swears, we’re the police, we’re honest, well make of THAT what you will.

    Let’s just say there IS a strong tendency in the polical apparatus to downplay anything islamic terroristic. Maybe they’ll talk this down to a guy losing it after getting cheese on his Big mac when he ordered without.


    1. Tons of helicopters, German anti terror commados GSG9 flown in. Well get it over with already, I need the central station in working order on Sunday!


  3. Fun fact: minister of the interior, de Maiziere, responsible for last years 1.3 million Muslim flooding, and for this years 200,000 so far (by opening all borders), tries since Monday to get to his vacation / MK-ULTRA reprogramming in the CONUS; each time he sits in a plane he has to return midway because another terror attack happened and he is expected to mumble stupidities in front of cameras.

    If they don’t let him get to DC within this month his programming will destabilize and he’ll turn into a rampaging monster himself I fear.


    1. …first time he had to abandon his trip because of islamic axe attacker in Würzburg regional train slaughtering 4 Chinese tourists. One of his beloved well-integrated refugee kids. No kidding.


    1. No mention of those guys in German media. But, expect a whole lot of fog of war from German media, police and politicians. Trust only the blogs.


  4. Lockdown lifted, police gives all clear, it is 2:30 AM now here in Berlin time, police claim, it was a lone gunman who killed 9, then himself.

    Now notice, there is NO OPPOSITION in the Bundestag: ALL Bundestag parties want Muslim mass immigration so we will see the perp being declared mentally insane, not representing true Islam, not having contacts with ISIS, and that illusion will steadfastly be upheld by German state + oligarch media. That’s the prediction. It’s their SOP.

    It is also a very barmy ritual.


  5. Dead perp was “18 year old German-Iranian” claims FOCUS…
    …I am unsure what a German-Iranian exactly is; either an Iranian-born given German citizenship, or born in Germany to Iranian parents or something similar, or a hybrid? Well anyway. A muslim, that’s all that counts in that regard though German media won’t ever say that as they pretend that Islam is just as good or bad as Christianity, ignoring that Jesus Christ never demanded his followers kill all non-Christians in an ambush. – German journalist are simpletons who never read a book, not even a thin one like the Quran, and moral relativists to their stalinist bones.


  6. Attempted Transcript of the dialogue where the perp stands on the parking deck and somebody from a balcony screams at him.

    “Bayer auf Balkon: Du Arschloch, du Hundsgemeiner.
    [You rotten Arsehole]

    Täter: Wegen euch wurde ich gemobbt sieben Jahre lang, weil ich … (?) … musste.
    [Perp: Because of you I got mobbed for 7 years because I had do (?)]
    (Remember, perp is an 18year old)

    Bayer auf dem Balkon: Sie Wichser da. Sie Arschloch einer.
    [You wanker. You arsehole.]

    Täter: Und jetzt muss ich ’ne Waffe tragen / kaufen … (um euch abzuknallen?).
    [Perp: And now I have to carry a weapon (to shoot you(?))]

    Bayer auf dem Balkon: Eine Waffe? Weißt du was? Dir gehört der Schädel eingeschmissen. Du Arschloch einer. Ey!
    [A weapon? You know what? You need to have your head kicked in, you arsehole!]

    Täter: (…) bin doch euer Gast, oder?
    [Perp: Am I not your guest?]

    Bayer auf dem Balkon: Das musst du sagen, du Wichser einer.
    [You gotta say that, you wanker.]

    Täter: Wegen Scheiß-Türken.
    [Perp: Because Shit-Turk. (maybe the perp refers to slurs against him)]

    Bayer auf dem Balkon: Scheiß Kanacken einer. Ey der hat eine Schusswaffe! Holt jemand her, der hat seine Waffe geladen. Holt die Bullen einer! Hier läuft er umeinander, der Wichser einer.
    [Fucking Kanak you. Hey he has a gun! Get someone, he has a loaded weapon! Get the cops! Here he is, the wanker!]

    Täter: Ich bin Deutscher. Hört auf zu flennen.
    [Perp: I am German. Stop crying.]

    Bayer auf dem Balkon: Du bist ein Wichser bist du.
    [You are a wanker, that’s what you are!)

    Täter: Lasst mich zufrieden.
    [Perp: Leave me alone.]

    Bayer auf dem Balkon: Ein Wichser. Was machst für einen Scheiß?
    [A wanker. What kind of shit are you doing?]

    Täter: (Mein Vater ?) ist hier geboren worden. … (?) ihn gehasst. In der Hartz IV Gegend. Bin dort zur Schule gegangen.
    [Perp: (My father(?)) was born here. … (?) hated him. In the welfare ghetto. I went to school there.] (Maxvorstadt is probably what he refers to, a migrant ghetto suburb in Munich)

    Bayer auf dem Balkon: Na und, was machst für’n Scheiß? Dir gehört der Schädel runtergeschlagen, du Arschloch da unten.
    [So what? What kind of shit are you doing? You need to have your head smashed in, you arehole down there.]

    Täter: Wegen Leute wie Sie war ich ganz viel in Behandlung.
    [Perp: Because of people like you I needed a lot of therapy.]

    Bayer auf dem Balkon: Behandlung? Du gehörst in die Psychiatrie, du Arschloch.
    [Therapy? You belong in the asylum, you arsehole.]
    Täter: Ich hab nichts getan. … Wort gehalten… Halten Sie die Schnauze, Mann.”


  7. Attacker’s name : Ali David Sonboly.

    You will never find such information in German media as it is strictly prohibited to identify perpetrators. They must be protected at all costs even after their demise.

    Reason: Once people understand that our attackers come from a different culture they will fight that attacking culture. This would destroy the goal of the NWO globalists who own the media to turn every Western nation into an identityless multiculti death zone hellhole.


    1. Let’s compare the NWO globalist “DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH” ideology and the creation of the multiculti death zone a.k.a. “vibrant international city” to the Habsburg empire – the k.u.k double-monarchy Austria-Hungary before The Great War / WW1.

      As we know there was nothing strong about that diverse multiculture – it had a gargantuan MASS but no STRENGTH and suffered ridiculous losses under the leadership of General Franz Xaver Conrad von Hötzendorf. After all the troups couldn’t even COMMUNICATE as they spoke dozens of languages and dialects.

      Of course the NWO globalists know this. What they want is turn nation states into helpless puddles of chaos that pose no threat to the rule of tax-evading foundation oligarchs. Look at the resources the German state just expended for one Iranian punk. I mean swat him with a brick.


  8. zerohedge has more info from Munich info press conference.
    Solbony invited kids to McD’s, posing under fake account in Facebook, luring them with promise of food giveaway, to butcher them. All but one victim are underage. They are all non-German (as it is a migrant area and he chose an islamic name for the Facebook account): Albanian, Greek, etc..

    As predicted: to deflect attention from the CDU’s islamisation campaign and import of 1 million Muslims per year, police now claims a link to Breivik. Really. Their words:

    “Andrae added: “The link is evident” with Breivik’s massacre of 77 people, which took place exactly five years ago to the day.”


    1. Also from that article:
      ““It has reached us. People in Munich have long had a queasy feeling. Fears grew with every attack in Paris, Istanbul or Brussels,” said the Abendzeitung newspaper’s editor-in-chief Michael Schilling.”

      This is strange, because the Abendzeitung is the biggest liar in the Munich area: They repeatedly falsified names of perps from islamic to Christian identities – falsifying names is common pratice in German journalism to protect the perps, but giving Muslim rapists Christian names – in effect insinuating that Christians commit the crimes that are indeed commited by imported Somalis and the likes – was something I only observed at the AZ – in my opinion they are beyond vile.


      1. …so you would expect the AZ to play it way down. Maybe they are so close to a death experience through readership loss that they try a turnaround.


      2. So the revelation by Shoebat below tells us why the liar press is so eager to tell us about Ali David Sonboly’s “persian” roots: Because the regime tasked them to propagate exactly that.


  9. Now who do you believe, the trusty propaganda apparatus of a state that imports 1 million Muslims a year through completely open borders, or an ex Muslim terrorist turned Christian?

    Walid Shoebat:

    “Ali David Sonboly is no Iranian but pro Turkey’s Islamists from Syria. That plus he had a record with the Interpol and was being watched.”


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