Status Update, and, The Great War

a) We decided to not celebrate Bastille Day in Nice this year so we’re just fine.

b) We’re involved in hand-to-hand combat with Windows 8 …

…because my trusty Windows 7 Acer notebook lost its capability to charge its batteries so it’s time to switch. Actually this sucks harder than I thought (no, not due to the silly Start Menu of Win 8, that’s A-OK, but due to unforeseen incompatibility issues, forcing me to change things in my gargantuan editor system that I didn’t want to touch.)

c) Used weekend to continue watching The Great War by Indy Neidell on youtube, I’m now at weeek 65. Neidell is historian and educated actor so he’s a great narrator and knows his history. Berlin production.Neidell lives in Stockholm, is a US American, and makes monthly trips to the studio in Berlin to narrate one 10 min episode per week, in synch with events of WW 1, only exactly 100 years later.

And, watched some bio videos of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, but, they were in German so I won’t post links. As to English language videos about the two, I only found not-so-good speakers so, no link to that either.


4 thoughts on “Status Update, and, The Great War”

      1. >>
        Lizzie Borden took an ax
        And gave her (step)mother forty whacks.
        When she saw what she had done,
        She gave her father forty-one.

        Actually they were more like 18 or 19 whacks for stepmom and 11 whacks for dad.

        If I saw heads, arms, and legs flying pass me, I’d need some shock treatment too.


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