Pokemon Go Unleashes Chaos

Forget murderous self-driving electric cars for a moment…

Nintendo releases augmented reality game Pokemon Go, where the game forces you to walk to certain spots to try and catch Pokemons displayed on your cell phone camera picture (so you have to look through your cellphone).
People found out quickly that DRIVING VERY SLOWLY is an easier way to do it. Streets in America unsafe(r) now.
Oh and Nintendo up 25%.
Also, criminals have found ways to lure players to certain locations where they can then mug them.
Big fun!


2 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Unleashes Chaos”

  1. Never forget, whenever you think of something, check the internet to see what other people thought it before.
    So I wrote this comment
    “The German government has installed implants in my brain that make me see swarms of Saudi-Arabian women in German train stations. It’s called Pokemuslim.”
    at https://suyts.wordpress.com/2016/07/06/another-example-of-western-civilization-committing-suicide/#comment-172291

    So… did anyone else already think of “PokeMuslim”? you bet…


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