George Soros controls German Govt policies

The George Soros-financed ESI published a pamphlet called “The Merkel Plan” which was not a description of what Merkel and the CDU were doing – but a PREscription – i.e., the script that was then enacted by Merkel’s CDU : Inviting millions of Muslim refugees.

This invitation has never been repudiated and the borders of Germany have to this day not been closed to Muslim refugees. So we can say that to this day the two German government parties SPD and CDU (comparable to the make-belief left-right schism in the USA, Dems and Reps) follow Soros’ prescriptions to a T.

Needless to say, Soros is known to make his profits from the collapse of nations and their currencies and infrastructure.

Documentation of Soros’ bio on zerohedge

A lot of it is documented in a youtube video by Black Pigeon Speaks called George Soros , The One Man Illuminati Machine.

I won’t link to it as I have reservations about the unnecessary Illuminati link which is in my eyes not factual. The zerohedge article avoids that and instead emphasizes the in my eyes more factual roots of Soros’ business model in his internationalist upbringing through his father, a member of the then prominent Esperanto community.

Today’s “Illuminati” craze looks like a post hoc fashion fad. There were true internationalist movements founded in the early 20th century though: The Esperanto movement, the Pan-Europa-movement by Coudenhouve-Kalergi and esoteric movements (wikipedia).

So where to go from here? Use this as a guideline on how to invest. Increasing instability of Europe as a whole looks pretty much like a given. The wipeout of the political class of Western Europe looks like a given. Conservatively stated:

There is more downside risk than there is upside risk.



2 thoughts on “George Soros controls German Govt policies”

    1. He uses leverage – pay a few million to some thugs, wreak havoc in the markets, giving him billions of profit in this short positions.


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