Tornado in Hamburg

Tornado devastates Hamburg east end. Tons of video.

We had heavy rain and floods in South Germany, then it switched to the North, causing several tornados; amazingly one in Hamburg. Next we expect more downpours in the South. Fun!
Oh, and nobody got hurt in Hamburg, only a lot of roofs damaged.
You know, since WW2 we build rather ruggedized houses.


3 thoughts on “Tornado in Hamburg”

    1. We used to call them Windhose (lit. Wind trousers), they’re not that strong and every year one of them damages some roofs, last year in Augsburg, ironically right before I had a job interview there.

      Most of course are somewhere over forest or uninhabitated land so not much reporting about that, so I don’t know, dozens of them a year?


  1. OK, I just watched a few of the videos. Fortunately, especially for those taking video of it from what appeared to be near ground zero, it wasn’t much of a hurricane. Here’s a satellite view of the 35+ mile track one left in my home state of Massachusetts. (I used to live about 30 miles North of Springfield)

    I never experienced any, but when I was in the Navy my parents sent me news reports of several, one fairly large one within about 10-15 miles of where my parents lived at the time. Pretty scary.

    Of course a smallish one like in your videos wouldn’t hurl loaded semi trailers around like toys, but it could probably hurt people in it’s path. Glad to hear it didn’t.


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