Free Games! Edutainment! Propaganda!


Hey you! You with the grumpy face. You could use some entertainment. And some education. Because the UNHCR and the FTC have important stories for you.

You know, all these SJW morons graduating in useless courses get a 2 day schooling in using RPG maker and then while away a few months while going deeper into student debt until they finally churn out endlessly boring piles of crap called “Social Justice Games” or the likes.

And because nobody would ever dream of paying even a single Kommissarencent for them, they’re FREE! And get a stamp of approval from – YES !  – the good folks at the UNHCR, the FTC or other Internationalsocialists for spreading whatever propaganda your favorite tax squandering apparatschiks need to spread.

I was inspired to look for this stuff by this Sargon Of Akkad video. He actually tries to play some.

Go look out yourself. There’s endless hilarity all brought to you for free by those poor souls with 300K student debt and a life of servitude before them, called the Special Snowflakes of the commercial college system.

Call it capitalism’s revenge. I mean, hey, I recommended exploiting leftists because they’re no good with money – and that’s EXACTLY what the hedge fund-funded US colleges did in SPADES! Now wouldn’t you give’em their Safe Space after you have drained all their lifeblood? And let them have a little Social Outrage riot on campus from time to time?

What’s that college of Melissa Click called? Mizzu? They know EXACTLY what they’re doing…

P.S.: I notice the video is not by Sargon but by Harmful Opinions but got published by Sargon on his channel. Just for brevity.


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