Cultural Marxism

Sometimes I just go into a rant while commenting on somebody else’s blog. So here’s one about the tactics of the modern Left (currently called the SJW’s in America (and of course, Progressives, or Liberals); or, SPD/Greens/The Left’s adherents in Germany) ( I omit the CDU’s adherents here even though their party leadership is pretty much on board at this time; it’s just that their voters have by now not fully noticed the CDU’s swing to the Left and still think of the party as conservative – so they’re sorta captured – but waking up one by one, eroding the support of Merkel’s Leftist Neo-CDU)

(WHY nearly all parties in Germany are currently Cultural Marxists has historic reasons: Adorno and Horckheimer were actually payed by the US government to reprogram the Germans from Nazism so they returned to Frankfurt from the USA and started their work, re-establishing the Frankfurt School, made famous as “philosophers” by the US-approved new press organs; til the 1968 student revolts – those students then went on the Gramscian March Through The Institutions to populate basically all German parties and elbow their way up.)

Well long ranty introduction to the original rant…


“I dunno, is this a strategy of the leftards? To inundate us with so much stupidity that they wear us out? There’s no end and never a thought to their massive stupidity!”

[my answer:]

Leftist have hated and always will hate free trade between individuals because they’re no good at it.
Their relentless attacks are an “anything goes” buffet of attempts at destroying freedom. (That’s why colleges in USA teach the protest methods of the Black Panthers in SJW courses, to be applied on ANY ISSUE THAT ARISES – might be the right of your hamster for a bigger cage – doesn’t matter at all. Adorno proposed this in his “Critical Theory” – which is no theory at all; it is a marching order to criticize EVERY aspect of Western CULTURE – that’s why they are called CULTURAL Marxists – because that is their field of attack.)
Their followers are too stupid to understand this. Some of their leaders might be as well.

The antidote is twofold:
a) ignore them
b) exploit their weakness: they CANNOT COMPETE. They DON’T KNOW HOW TO COPE WITH MONEY. They DON’T HAVE VIRTUES (because that would make them business partners). Exploit them where you can. Sell them overpriced fetishes. Ruin them on an individual level.

Oh, and: FRUSTRATE THEM. How do you do that? I became an expert in frustrating socialists. My hobby is history. I can tell you all about the Bolshevist revolution, the crimes committed etc. Just inform your local leftist about the history of Leftism UNTIL HE SCREAMS AT YOU; which he will. Amp up his cognitive dissonance. It’s very easy to do. Push his buttons. Always remember: If they were not complete morons they’d be no leftists.

A leftist will always use the Tu Quoque pseudo-argument to evade. When you tell him that the class struggle is by definition mass murder, he will shift and accuse the Bible of the same. Counter the Tu Quoque by stating: So you CONFIRM my point – otherwise you would now have refuted it – but you shifted to a different topic – so you have no counterargument.

FRUSTRATE THEM til they’re blue in the face.

I usually manage to make them deny being socialists after a while.

I’m thinking of it as applied cult deprogramming. It’s a whole lotta fun.
And: A CULT controls its members by controlling the information available to the members.
That’s why the mainstream media are the vital tool for the survival of Leftism.
Now , you might ask – but today anyone can use the Internet to find real information for himself.
Yes! BUT! Leftists ARE NO SELF-ACTUATORS. It is IMPOSSIBLE to stay a Leftist while being a self-actuator! THEY ARE PASSIVE. They still let a TV program them. Or, they just seek information for re-inforcement of their programming.

Oh, you might say, but aren’t you conservatives doing the same? Well actually not! I even read some of the diatribes of Noam Chomsky! If only to find out if the guy has anything of value to offer! And, of course, for pure amusement value.


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