Weather Update Munich

Friggin cold here in Munich. Cloudy all day, for a week or two now. Torrential rains across Bavaria, local river floods have even killed a few people. Quite a number of rooftop solar installations here. This is on average one of the sunnier places in Germany; 800 sun hours in the North, up to 1000 here in the South. Solar can’t have made much this year so far. (Winter output is negligible)

Not impressed with Bavarian weather.

You know. I got my personal Gore effect. I worked for 2 years in Hamburg and it immediately froze over (The monster La Nina 7 years or so back, took 2 years to wane. I think 2008/2009.)

Fun thing was I was working in a solar company of True Believers in Global Warming, I arrived and told them to expect cooling and bang did it cool as winter arrived. The Alster froze over so thick they nearly had their winter fair on it. (In the past they would have had it but today safety regulator spoilfuns require more than 10cm ice thickness. Fun is not easy to come by legally in an overregulated hellhole like the German welfare state. Somebody might die, you know.)

Now I arrive in Bavaria and it is getting conveniently cold. I don’t like sweating.

Only area I didn’t manage to freeze through my personal powers was the Rhine valley. That’s where [a warmunist that pesters notrickszone] is, in the Freiburg area. People there are SO True Believers they started to vote in the Greens. Because, it was ALWAYS the hottest area in Germany but NOW they believe it’s the cursed CO2. So, the lie is basically made for them.


3 thoughts on “Weather Update Munich”

  1. Not sure where to put this one, but if you recall our exchange in which I essentially wrote that one man’s frequency is another man’s noise, and you made a suggestion about looking for order in that chaos: Well, it seems this fellow has been doing that, or something close enough to that to deserve closer examination.

    Not sure if that’s where you were going with your idea, but it I thank a “good call!” is in order.


    1. Very good. You should know, I’m a computer scientist with an interest in audio synthesizers; so at university I took courses in signal processing and made my Diploma work in signal processing.

      And Prof. Weiss confirms what I have recognized: All the climate scientists never do spectral analysis – making their science just look stupid. It’s about the first thing you do when you have time series data – you transform it with a Fourier or Wavelet transform into the frequency domain to find periodic components.


      1. Thinking further: They must know this. So they intentionally don’t do the analysis. Adding this together with David Berlinski’s observation that Darwinism was so quickly endorsed by biologists and atheist scientists only because it gives them power – a tool to dethrone religious influence i.e. kick out the competition – not because it is plausible – we can categorize warmunism the same way: They want to maximize their power. Doing a proper Fourier analysis would destroy their tool to gain power so they don’t do it.

        Neither will media or politicians commission a proper analysis because they also derive power from a CLEARLY nonsensical theory. And, again following Berlinski: This shows that “scientific progress” is not even in their interest – and will not come from the state science apparatus (but be unstoppable nevertheless, that’s my thought, through simple competition – i.e. the BRICS might have an interest in not following the Western nonsense schemes.)


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