Origin and Meaning of the LGBT Rainbow Flag

It’s a code. The Hankie Code. Don’t clic that wikipedia link if you’re easily scared.

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Thomas DiLorenzo : Monetary History of 19th century USA

Just discovered Thomas DiLorenzo. He’s an economics prof who by private interest became interested in Abe Lincoln, wrote several books about him, clashing with establishment historians, and everything he says is pertinent to the current attempts of creating supernational blocks like the EU.

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Cultural Marxism

Sometimes I just go into a rant while commenting on somebody else’s blog. So here’s one about the tactics of the modern Left (currently called the SJW’s in America (and of course, Progressives, or Liberals); or, SPD/Greens/The Left’s adherents in Germany) ( I omit the CDU’s adherents here even though their party leadership is pretty much on board at this time; it’s just that their voters have by now not fully noticed the CDU’s swing to the Left and still think of the party as conservative – so they’re sorta captured – but waking up one by one, eroding the support of Merkel’s Leftist Neo-CDU)

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Weather Update Munich

Friggin cold here in Munich. Cloudy all day, for a week or two now. Torrential rains across Bavaria, local river floods have even killed a few people. Quite a number of rooftop solar installations here. This is on average one of the sunnier places in Germany; 800 sun hours in the North, up to 1000 here in the South. Solar can’t have made much this year so far. (Winter output is negligible)

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