SGL Carbon: A “Green” Darling bites the dust

All time chart SGL Carbon at

Down from 80 EUR to 10 in 16 years. Now what are they producing? Carbon Fibre – once touted as the future lightweight material for our electric car bodies.

So what’s the problem? There is nothing in the world that needs as much electricity to produce as carbon fibre. And what does the Warmunist Movement do to electricity prices?

Making them explode through central planning….

Another of these inevitable head explosion moments for Greens:

  • require the most energy intensive production process for the Utopian car
  • require outrageous energy prices in Green Utopia (these prices are NEEDED so the low energy density collection devices Wind Turbines and Solar panels have ANY chance of surviving – whether this price rigging is achieved through direct subsidation, punishing other producers, or destroying the market in other ways is irrelevant.)

BTW wasn’t the idea behind the Green movement to use LESS energy?




4 thoughts on “SGL Carbon: A “Green” Darling bites the dust”

  1. Talked to some guys on the train. They were weighing the pros and cons of geothermal energy, amongst the cons being destroying villages when water meets gipsum layers, making them expand, as happened in Staufen in the Breisgau when the mayor decided to have geothermal heating for city hall.
    Photo of destroyed house:

    As usual, these Germans were NOT aware of the concept of ENERGY DENSITY
    which is of course crucial for the economics of a machine (and economics can NOT be just thrown out the window by declaring money irrelevant. You can just exchange the concept of money for the energy it buys and then you get the concept of EROEI
    whose relevance to any energy solution should be understandable even for a Green. If not, just mail me.)

    Well anyway. That random strangers are not aware of energy density is not a problem. It becomes a problem when these strangers are then entitled to vote, and leads to plastering the landscape with wind turbines that can only exist through subsidation and are highly unlikely to ever return the invested money/capital/energy, whichever term you prefer. Probably worse for geothermal energy in Germany as rock has EXTREMELY low heat conduction. So it does make a certain sense in volcanic areas like Iceland but probably not so much in Germany.

    The Staufen village-destruction project is one of the more hilarious endpoints of this madness.


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