Crime In Germany

German government just published crime stats. It is their habit to remove all deeds committed by foreign nationals because “they distort the statistic” (the honest souls wouldn’t want you to read a distorted statistic!);

and after doing that they can claim “crime fell slightly”. Well actually all that they’re doing is affirming that Germans are not criminals to any significant degree.

But of course it is a lot of work to re-insert all the omitted cases to get a real picture of total crime. The numbers *ARE* in the report, only declared separately (and omitted from reporting by Germany’s FAMOUS press).

So I’m very glad that Breitbart London did the hard work   for us already.

Notice that in the age group of 18-36, there is now a male to female disparaty in Germany of 120:100 – as about 1 million surplus male “refugees” (mostly more like fortune seekers, or, potential conscripts, deserters in those cases where they DO come from war torn countries) have been let in by the SPD-CDU government. This male army of military age of course commits a lot of crime – as they have no job – and no prospect of getting one – Germany does not have that many jobs for people who are illiterate even in their own language.

Lenient or non-existing sentencing does nothing to discourage those who see crime as the way to easy money.

What the SPD-CDU government has achieved is that we (the ones who are paying attention) are becoming very sceptical of anyone with a ME or North African appearance. There are still many who are oblivious to reality though. The ones who don’t frequent any large German railway station I guess. You should *SEE* how many North Africans who do not intend to travel are hanging around there.

All German railway stations including smaller ones are now constantly patroled by security. This has never been the case til late 2015.

I highly discourage the use of headphones in such places. They declare you a non-attentive potential victim. On the other hand, looking alert, and preferrably tall and strong, deters wannabe fortune seekers. I’ve never been attacked so far even though I use the railway bi-weekly.


3 thoughts on “Crime In Germany”

    1. Not at all. They need to use their hatecrime/thoughtcrime laws for that. I didn’t violate those and don’t intend to. They can’t OPENLY censor.


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