Rare Photographic Evidence Of Camera-Shy International Socialists

Somebody made it into the nest of the most ancient group of nation destroyers: The Fabian society.


For a bit more about their doings, H G Wells was one of them and spilled the beans (using anything to make a quick dime in his mass pulp fiction production even though his Fabian friends didn’t really WANT to inform the public about their plans – which is why they called themselves The FABIANS (the delayers) in the first place!) in his book Shape Of Things To Come and the ruinously expensive movie production Things To Come which you should find and watch for its sheer hilarity and the Togas. The film leads to rousing ovations even under todays collectivists.

This tagged philosophy because Fabians like all collectivists are of course Platonists (a.k.a idealists a.k.a magical thinkers).


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