Aristotle and Wagner

A random coincidental finding I stumbled across while watching youtube dry…

Wagner: “Es kann der Freie sich nur selbst erschaffen”

(Wotan, in “The Ring”, recognizing his creations are mere puppets. lit.: “The Free Man can only create himself”. In Wagner’s work, the Free Man can only come into existence AFTER The Ring, later, in Parsifal; as the Christian Man – Siegfried in The Ring was still the pre-Christian man and finally unable to become free. As Jesus Christ has freed man from the old contract; emancipated him, it becomes possible for the Christian Man to become free.)

Contrast this with Aristotle:

Aristotle (known for such things as INVENTING LOGIC): God has perfect reason. Striving to improve ones reasoning is to become closer to God (who, according to Wagner, wants a partner in man, not a puppet)



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