Account Of The Paris Attacks

Account of the singer of Eagles Of Death Metal, undistorted by quality journalists.

Gruesome but extremely important – especially for people who never touched a gun. Of which I am not one.

Paris Terror attacks , Bataclan , Eagles of Death Metal, eyewitness account by band leader.
Don’t read if you don’t want to read about people dying in graphic detail.



5 thoughts on “Account Of The Paris Attacks”

  1. After watching the BREXIT movie, courtesy of Lubos Motl, I’m wondering if any (how many) EU regulations made it difficult or impossible for the police to prevent the attacks? (just illustrative of the degree of regulation):

    from here:

    Can’t imagine they wouldn’t have laws about how police need to be careful not to offend carpet munching climate refugees. After all, what are the lives of a few expendable citizens worth, anyway?
    OK, this is what I found addressing the topic, and fairly quickly:
    “Security measures are needed, but they must be weighed against their impact on all communities and their human rights implications. Policy responses for community cohesion and integration risk being based not on the promotion of equality and fundamental rights, but on the prevention of terrorism. It is important that Muslim communities do not become double victims – first of terror attacks and then of policy responses to these attacks. There is a need for more dialogue, social inclusion and non-discrimination policies in support of minority groups, which will ultimately have benefits for the entire society.”
    Wouldn’t want them to thing we were spying on them. That might make them feel insecure. Can’t have that. Better a few citizens die, than hurt muslim feelings.


    1. sorry. I linked to the time, but it went to the beginning, anyway. And I guess that’s OK, since it was just an illustration of the regs in general, not of relations with muslims in particular, which the last link I gave did, though in a general way.

      But the regs are here


      1. Well EU Kommissars and the socialist governments (esp. in France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece – i.e. the catholic countries) are today a product of USA-payed Frankfurt School and KGB-sponsored “demoralization of the West” campaigns and pretty much in the mental state of Winston Smith after torture, i.e. no more capable of recognizing objective reality, ACTIVELY rejecting it through mental processes. Cult victims the lot of them.

        So we’ll see how an objectivist in Europe survives. Hint: It’s a piece of cake.

        I mean it pervades all aspects of life. I eat *AWESOME* food in the canteen while certain colleagues eat *CARDBOARD*. They do this voluntarily because they have been programmed to believe that awesome food kills them. They will later go crazy from brain decay through Vit B12 deficiency and such but that’s a few years down the road.

        Another example. “Islamist” is originally the word for a researcher of Islam (so, hey, let’s label the terrorists Islamists; might as well have called them “Sociologist”, but who cares). So I just got the account of a girl that actually did that BUT while she was really researching what goes on in Islam and found all the murder commandments in the Quran, this wasn’t even touched by the lecturers! They pick some pieceful quotes from the early life of Mohammed and ignore the rest! The university! They are purposely deluding themselves into becoming stupid, blind and suicidal.

        German source.


    2. Watched the film now, mostly good info, I liked the history part very much.
      But, a criticism: Durkin wants British self-determination, which I fully support, but denounces new European right wing parties as “ultranationalists”. Well they’re mostly very MODERATE nationalists, and the only opposition to the all-pervasive progressive parties of continental Europe – only called “far right extremists” by our communist journalists. (They ARE communists – I once saw an interview with a ZEIT editor from hamburg with a Lenin portrait on the wall of his office)

      The new “ultranationalists” are in fact the only conservatives – and that’s where their voters come from.


  2. Follow-Up: After Jesse Hughes’ interview, (Western?) Muslim apologists blame *HIM* for the attack. Literally.
    “You say Islam is the problem. I say: “All you fucking bigots and your fairytale shit stories are the problem. ”

    Got that? The machine-gun wielding Jihadists are not to be blamed because they’ve been provoked by Westerners refusing to… to what? Well, to convert to Islam, right?

    More proof for the genetic downfall of humanity. The number of people in the West with destroyed brains.

    Well also, the idiot calls Hughes a liar. Guess that makes it easier to ignore reality. Humans are pretty easy to destroy with enough kinetic energy. It’s scary. Better only watch zombie actors fall over in cheap Hollywood fare.


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