Mentally ill attackers

Great list of terrorist attacks where the muslim attacker was declared “mentally ill” by Western authorities.

We’ve all heard this countless times, so it’s nice that someone collected it into a list. It actually seems to be SOP of Western governments now.

These habits of calling something by a different name has been observed before. Before 2006, Muslim riots in the banlieues of Paris were called just that. In 2006, then EU commissioner Ferrero-Waldner from Austria demanded the press omit mentioning the ethnicity or religion of perpetrators.

This is fairly consistently done by EU press, and most of the time, a Turkish attacker simply becomes “a man” in the reports. Some of the resulting articles border on comedy; and go like

In a place in a town at a time, a man met another man, and there was an argument. A man got hurt, another man is on the run. Police begs the public to provide information.

This is only a slight exaggeration. Often the article comes with a stock photo of a fist or a knife, under which it says “symbolic foto”. (lit. Symbolfoto in German)

Well anyway, those Muslim riots – that we know from Paris, and have also seen in England in several cities at once, mostly London, and of course in Stockholm – the press decided to call them “Youth Riots”. After all they gotta report SOMETHING if big black clouds emanate from a city quarter. People might actually SEE something after all.

So, to decode the language of the European journalist, just remember

Youth = Mentally Ill = Islamic

and that gives you a way of understanding EU news reports.

There are two ways around this information distortion industry:

  • Read American reports about the EU; esp. Breitbart London
  • Read underground blogs, esp. which collects a lot of police reports.
  • Read German police press releases, they are less filtered than what the journalists make out of them.

Wait. There are THREE ways around…

Well I better stop there.


One thought on “Mentally ill attackers”

  1. “Wait. There are THREE ways around…” – DirkH

    You weren’t thinking along these lines by any chance?

    And the American PC serving media is, in general, sadly no better than yours.


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