German Mass Transportation Systems

Accidentally, todays news give you some photos of a typical train station of the Munich S-Bahn system; including photos of an S-Bahn train.

Grafing station, 20 miles from Munich city center.

I’m currently using that system; which is like a spider web, the concentric rings being formed by Bus lines, all the S-Bahn electric rail lines heading to the city center with Munich main station in the middle. It works like a charm. The trains are fast, mostly run on time and the people mostly harmless.


The reason for the news article above is, 4 people got stabbed, one of them killed; the assailant screamed Allahu Akbar so I guess he’s a Muslim. German News are busy assuring anyone he’s GERMAN (by which they mean, he has a German password). But even that could be a lie. This seems to be a high profile case of running amuck so the MSM are coordinating the story frantically to make it go away. The SPD-CDU government fear nothing more than islamic mass killings / terror attacks in Germany – after they have opened the borders last year for all Muslims who claim Asylum. (They are still as open as they were since Merkel invited all Syrians, ca. AUG 2015)

Of course the only reason the SPD-CDU fears such attacks is another hit to their popularity. Which is at all time lows already.

Murder Rate

Killings in Germany are about as frequent as in the USA but mostly done with knifes or blunt force – as firearms are difficult to get for low life scum.

Germany CLAIMS to have 0.8 murder cases per 100,000 per year but it’s a lie – they have three classes of homicide and only admit class I homicides. The classes are

  • Mord (murder, class I),
  • Totschlag (beating someone dead, class II),
  • Koerperverletzung mit Todesfolge (grievous bodily harm resulting in death, class III),

the numbers are

  • 700,
  • 2200 (? – I only found the number of the suspects, 2200),
  • 2200 ( ? – I didn’t find any number so I just assume it is about the same as class II).

When you add it all up – oh wait, add another 20% – the state removes all cases from the statistics where the suspect is a foreigner (meaning a person without German citizenship) because “it distorts the statistics to include them” (yeah right, that from the same government that happily welcomes 1,300,000 Muslims a year into the country) – well anyway, the estimate is thus

(700+2200+2200)*1.20 = 6120 dead bodies a year

or, assuming 80,000,000 citizens, as rate per year per 100,000:

(6120/80,000,000) * 100,000 = 7.65

I think the rate is 5.5 for the USA, though they might use some tricks on their own.

The number of traffic deaths a year is about 4,000 so to all those who claim, it is far more unlikely to get murdered than dying in a traffic accident: You were right in the 1970ies when German traffic deaths were 20,000 a year.

Don’t take any of my estimates as gospel but be assured that the order of magnitude is correct. The very low murder rate claimed by the German government is a lie.

I was amazed that there is no international standard concerning what counts as murder but that seems exactly to be the case.

Oh, and what’s that distinction between Mord and Totschlag? It’s an artificial distinction introduced by none other than the Nazis and kept in place by the antifascist governments of Germany: Where a homicide is Mord when it happens due to “lower motives” or “heimt├╝ckisch”; in a treacherous manner. So if I were to tell you in the face I’d kill ya and then I do it I can only be convicted of homicide class II. If I kill you without warning it MIGHT BE class I.

In practice, judges try to push everything into class II, one has the impression – maybe to keep the murder statistics low, maybe to save money on jails, maybe out of heartfelt sympathy for the murderer. Don’t laugh. Our judges mostly seem to be old 1968 student revolt activists. Some of them have openly claimed that the purpose of the law is not to punish criminals but to better them.

If you reward an activity you get more of it. And that’s exactly what we get. But, don’t worry. The state is actively lying to keep everyone happy. It works great for the stupid.

P.S.: If the judge really couldn’t help it and convicts you of Mord, homicide class I, he HAS to give you a life sentence. But don’t worry. It doesn’t mean LIFE when it says life in Germany. wikipedia has a great definition:”In Germany, life sentence means a sentence of undetermined duration but at least 15 years”.