Continuing Islamisation of Germany

As the British Express points out, 61,000 migrants applied for asylum in April 2016,i.e. a speed of 720,000 a year, as usual, most will be Islamic, male and of fighting age.

So the invasion continues unabated; the German ruling parties SPD and CDU have not closed any border.

As an explanation, we should mention

Vox Day : Mass migration is war

He explains how he arrives at this here:


Basically he had a friend analyse historic correlations between mass migration and war and his friend came back and said “Mass migration *IS* war! There’s no difference!”

So why do SPD and CDU continue with allowing this? Forget the pseudo explanations “we are morally obliged” (No, you are obliged to PREVENT WAR in your country!); “we need cheap labour” (No – you just introduced a MINIMUM WAGE specifically designed to keep unqualified people OUT of the labour market! – and cause inflation);  “We must stop the demographic decline!” – well HOW in the world does importing MALE Muslims stop a demographic decline? and so on and so on. This is all bullshit.

(And, demographic decline ain’t half the problem it’s made out to be for the individual anyway.)

Likewise, “Oh, we can’t secure the border” is BS; the German government currently helps Saudi Arabia and Tunesia to secure their borders using IR cameras and drones and stuff made in Germany.

Similarly, “We were just being stupid” doesn’t sound believable. You were SURPRISED by a PEDESTRIAN invasion? And a year later you are STILL surprised by it?


No, the reason is simply that SPD+CDU cater to the female vote; and females *DO NOT MIND AN INVASION BY AGGRESSIVE 20 YEAR OLD MALES*. The old males might get slaughtered, hey, we get BETTER males instead, that’s a GOOD deal for the females.

Females have *NEVER* secured a nation or a culture. Remember how the Angeln and Sachsen invaded Celtic Britain, slaughtered the males and raped the women, 1000 or 1200 years ago? That’s why the English have an Anglo-Saxon Y chromosome today and a mostly Celtic X chromosome. There’s no Celtic Y chromosome left in them! The carriers got MURDERED!

Look it up, the history is in the genes.

The conclusion is: A feminist culture always perishes. The instinctive craving of the females to get better Y chromosomes (or, what they think is better) destroys any civilisation the females rule because, well, male invaders bring their own. And that’s the end of the female-dominated culture.

Let’s see how fast this goes. I expect some resistance from the security apparatus which is principally male-dominated. I guess they will isolate the leading SPD+CDU figures including Merkel and keep them for show while running matters from behind. This will happen shortly now. Maybe it has already happened.

P.S.: So why are you staying in Germany, then? Well, my family is here, and the entire West suffers from a feminist defenseless culture. And, it’s a low intensity war for now. I will try to not get killed early in this war. If necessary I can move quickly.

What you do in a war is

  • Explore the situation
  • Make a plan for action
  • Execute the plan

I am at stage 2. One of the consequences is, I do not own real estate in Germany, I will stay a renter.

P.P.S.: The purge of the leaders of the old Pan-European parties begins. (zerohedge: Faymann, Austrian chancellor of 7 years, resigns in reaction to surge of right wing votes) We will see whether the new “right-wingers” (in Germany, the AfD) are MALE enough to defend the country. Whatever “right-wing” means in Europe. Don’t expect Ayn-Randian objectivism from anyone political here.


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