The End Is Nigh! Donald Trump!

Cruz drops out of race. Dems will likely present Hillary. Trump will say, “You’re next!” and that will be that.

So let’s use this grandiose opportunity to drive our leftist friends into emigration to Canada (if you’re American) or into rioting in the streets (and getting teargased) (if you’re German) or just into terminal depression. Which is always a good thing.

I encourage you all to explain to any Leftist you meet that you fully expect Trump, once having the Nuclear Football, to throw a nuclear temper tantrum about some minor issue, preferrably against the Chinese, and that you’re stockpiling Iodine tablets and Duck Tape (to seal the windows against the fallout).

Best part of it is your leftist friend will instinctively *LIKE* you again because you confirmed their phobia. Which gives you more opportunities to inject silly memes into their tiny warped minds.

List of celebs goin’ to Canada if Trump wins

German press has raged against Trump for weeks now. Most of them are leftists. I think they even kinda sorta still like Obama even though they are against TTIP. And against droning of Muslims. Leftist brains need to do some serious contortions these days.

BTW contortions and The End Is Nigh. Did you know that following the rise of the Mad Max there is now an entire genre of post-apocalyptic fashion? (google images search link)

Because obviously the important thing after the apocalypse is fashion.

That mostly looks like old rags except the price tag.

P.S.: Nobody threatened to leave the USA should Ted Cruz win. Is this telling us something?


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