The Political Spectrum In Germany

From left to right that’s:

AntiFa – The Left – Greens – SPD – CDU – AfD.

(I omit the FDP because they will do whatever their coalition partner demands. Nominally they are free market.)

AntiFa is not a party but black-clad street “activists”, let’s use the “official” term here. I included them for a reason.

You see, AntiFa has the slogan “No Borders No Nation”. This is interesting insofar as the CDU (nominally conservative) repeatedly stated the last few days that they want to preserve the “Open Society” of Germany.

Now where have we heard THAT term before? Right; It’s the Open Society Institute (OSI) of GEORGE SOROS.

And if one digs a little the term is actually a synonym for open borders, nothing more, nothing less, i.e. no border security, no border controls. Sound familiar to Americans with their Open Borders-president Obama? I thought so.

So the Political Spectrum of Germany can for all intents and purposes be simplified to

Open Border Proponents under various brand names – vs. –  AfD

The “Left” has completely been instrumentalized by the Open Border Globalists who simply want no borders so they can  move people around as needed by their multinational corporations. This might be very good indeed for their corporations but should be none of our concern as a voting public.

This leaves the AfD as the only party that promotes anything beyond the interest of multinational corporations. Say, the interest of a people to live a peaceful life in prosperity.

Yes! The radical streetfighting Left of Germany does the bidding of megacorporations! They probably don’t even get paid.

They were never known to be the sharpest tools in the box.



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