Global Warming, CO2 Turns World Green

Surprised, baffled, stunned warmunists discover Liebig’s Law, say that CO2 AND warming (whichever was the limiting factor) served to increase vegetation globally. In a stunning parallel to Liebig’s Law, they also happen to recognize that this cannot continue forever in those cases where ground nutrient then become the limiting factor! One wonders- these are too many coincidences – maybe one of them actually googled Liebig?

German: (Has some maps and animation so even if you don’t read German there’s something for you)
SPIEGEL is a Bertelsmann publication. (Gütersloh; oligarchic)
Nature Climate Change (which published the study) is a von Holtzbrinck Group publication. (Stuttgart, arch-green)

Wait you say, DirkH admits the globe has been warming? Yes it has; since 1750; and it is called “return from the Little Ice Age”(into which we might now fall back as a new Grand Minimum of the sun has begun a few years back – and sunspots have all but vanished already. Meaning that the field strength of the EM field of the sun is approaching zero).

This gets a tag “warmunism” for the study by warmunists; and a tag “science” for Liebig. Warmunism and Science are of course mutually exclusive categories.


2 thoughts on “Global Warming, CO2 Turns World Green”

  1. They still do not make the arithmetics to the end.
    If one accepts the CO2 increase from 280 ppm to 400 ppm the direct result is an increase in the biomass of above 15-20%, which means about 1/5th of the current world population has food due to it – that is over 1 billion people – very conservative estimate.
    There are thousands of studies confirming this.

    They say: Wie stark der Düngeeffekt wirkt, ist unbekannt
    ROFL – database to search by letters:
    But ok, we’ll wait for the Chinese to teach us…
    Die Forscher um Zaichun Zhu von der chinesischen Akademie der Wissenschaften haben Satellitendaten der globalen Pflanzenwelt ausgewertet. Die größte Zunahme entdeckten sie in Europa, Südostasien, Zentralafrika, Nordamerika und im nördlichen Amazonas

    And yet, some morons would like to tune it down to 350 ppm….


    1. Interesting how Chinese and Russian scientists are standing against Western propaganda isn’t it… Feels like the reverse of USSR times – when they were the ones not allowed to say what they think.


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