Remember how they installed SJW banana courts and started to exorcise the conservatives? I even stopped reading Twitchy it’s so boring now.

I guess that was that with the Eyeballs For Ads (TWTR at comdirect)

BTW in Germany, Zucks has agreed to have Facebook censored by Arvarto, a subsidiary of our local media oligarch Bertelsmann, to suppress voices critical of Merkel’s refugee import, using German rubber paragraph “Volksverhetzung” (sedition) as the club to curb  freedom of speech some more. So good luck Zuckerberg with that.



4 thoughts on “Twittergeddon”

    Until I read that, and this…
    …I used to think Malkin (apparently a founder of TWITCHY) was Conservative. There are so many counterfeits, and some are so very convincing, that I’m wondering just how many are legitimate. Probably very few, given that fact that we are plunging headlong into a Leftist abyss, with nary a whimper from anyone who you might think could actually do anything about it.

    Also, FYI, I just got a 503 error on that link in your post.
    “Service Unavailable
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.”


    1. comdirect has some regular downtime during Berlin time nightly hours…
      As to Malkin – yes, like Dana Loesch (who got hired by pro Cruz Glenn Beck) – these girls are hired guns.
      There’s the old Chinese proverb “NOBODY MAKES MONEY ON THE INTERNET”.
      There’s a backer behind Twitchy, one behind Loesch, one behind Breitbart etc.
      Doesn’t mean the backer ain’t a conservative, we usually don’t know. But, expect tendencies everywhere.
      For instance, Breitbart is financed by a billionare called Mercer and he’s obviously pro Trump. Beck ? Maybe the Koch’s.

      As to Schussel’s complaints about Malkin calling One Direction “spirited”, well I don’t see a connection to the hate tweets. I wouldn’t make much of that.


  2. “Doesn’t mean the backer ain’t a conservative”

    My take is that if they are mercenary, they aren’t big C “Conservative.”

    As to Glenn Beck, I heard him mocking someone for a gift he sent to Beck, snickering and just being all around obnoxious. Very small man. Shameless self-promoter, IMO.

    Also, agree, I don’t have a problem using her as a reference, because she’s brutally honest, perhaps “to a fault.” And I don’t see a direct connection to the hate tweets, but anyone attracts that kind of scum and who tolerates that filth on their site doesn’t impress me much. So, yes to all, with just these extra thoughts.

    I like Schlussel’s work. I think she’s honest to a fault. Anyway, I got into an email argument with her about a fine point about an assertion she made, which I believed may even have been true. You’d think we’d been married for 40 years the way she ripped me apart, just because I had a slightly different slant on the way to present the material. You have to be on her side 110%, or your history. That’s probably what I like least about her.


    1. ” And I don’t see a direct connection to the hate tweets, but anyone attracts that kind of scum and who tolerates that filth on their site doesn’t impress me much.”

      But Malkin doesn’t HOST such things. These were not comments from a Twitchy comment thread. Twitchy just shows a few select tweets and surely not that dreck, and has a discussion forum below their posts. These were tweets directed to Schussel. As I understood it, Schussel is annoyed that Malkin likes a band that has some fans that post death threats to Schussel.

      BTW the recent anti Trump bias by Twitchy all came in AFTER Malkin sold Twitchy (to whom I don’t know). I *DO* think Malkin is a hired gun because of her Fox news past, but I can’t accuse *HER* of any particular bias. I don’t know which bias she currently has or whether she even has one. When she started Twitchy I found it allround refreshing.


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