What’s With Lake Mead?

So I was wondering, what’s with Lake Mead. Didn’t hear anything about the Californian drought or the water level in Lake Mead for a while. So I guess the drought is over otherwise our journalists would have continued screaming about the terrible Global Warming we’re causing. Anyway, here’s a recent blog post I found and rather like for various reasons.

The Battlefield

(spoiler, the crisis didn’t go away, but Las Vegans still survive)

And here’s todays visuals….


That’s an American Hamburger my canteen assures me. Obviously they ran out of American flags but never mind… Reason to photograph it. An Original British Hamburger!

(As you can see I decorated my curd cheese with blueberries (or Heidelbeeren) with turmeric. This curd cheese (or German, Quark) has 20% fat so turmeric adsorption should be fine)


And that was a snow shower in Ottobrunn near Munich yesterday. Nice big snowflakes and lots of it. Munich lies relatively low so it all melted. But some parts of Germany  had even more…


So, it’s a little cold at the moment.


5 thoughts on “What’s With Lake Mead?”

    1. Wonderful story! The mighty state (monopolist) makes the rivers swell for the elite – but just enough so they don’t feel uncomfortable!


  1. Heh– the CAGWers using a lowering lake level, in a lake that shouldn’t be there, in a desert thousands of years old, which was never intended to support such population, as evidence of global warming.


    1. Well, …”As you know, ah, you go to warm with the climate anomalies you seem to have—not the climate anomalies you might want or wish you had if your theory were true.” (Apologies to D. Rumsfeld)


  2. zerohedge has new article on Lake mead with lake level chart for past 4 years.

    It’s at all time lows.

    Now get this: Entirely artificial lake in the desert, 100% managed by humans, next to rapidly growing city in the desert, drops to lowest level since its creation 70 years ago and people blame – CLIMATE CHANGE.

    I kid you not. Genetic decline of humanity in full swing, obviously.


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