April Snow Near Goettingen

As I was travelling in the ICE, the German high speed train from Brunsvick to Munich today,…


A snow covered barn in a village near Goettingen. Mind you it was the only valley in which it snowed; it is not near the high speed track, as that one is currently undergoing repairs for two weeks, so my high speed train was not that high speed and it took an hour longer than usual going from Brunsvick to Kassel , from where it was the usual 300 km/h again. No big deal.

And – it wasn’t me who caused the snow! Because I’m travelling CO2-free, as the German Rail company assures all THOSE passengers who own a BahnCard which costs you 260 EUR a year and gives you a rebate of 50%. Because THOSE are the GOOD passengers and extra for them the German Rail buys wind or solar electricity. Or some other warmunist magick; like CO2 indulgences.


That’s a display at the ceiling of a wagon and it says “BahnCard Owners are travelling CO2-free in all ICE’s and IC/EC’s”.

Now don’t ask me what those OTHER passengers do, they don’t say. I am BTW a huge fan of regime religions, like the old posters in the DDR saying “We are celebrating 50 years of friendship with the Soviet Union” in every state Kombinat (or, Volkseigener Betrieb, as it was called, “people-owned company” lit.).

So ourĀ  Green Religion is a source of endless fascination especially when it comes in an absurd hue like this. And, all the other Germans don’t even notice it and wonder why I’m cracking myself up.


2 thoughts on “April Snow Near Goettingen”

  1. I like to see snow — just not moving it with a shovel.
    Home is at 2,200 feet and the nearest snow (so far) is 13 miles away and 4,000 feet up.
    Locals claim it will snow here in 2 weeks.

    Did not know you had this blog!


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