My Current Ride

As I mentioned I am currently reduced to riding a tiny folding bike through Ottobrunn when I’m not comfortably travelling across Germany in a high speed train. So here comes.


Courtesy local hardware store and China. 222 EUR. Sloooow. But hey, it gets the job done (2 miles one way to work).

Notice the textile bags for grocery shopping. This is so clich√© German Green it’s the perfect camouflage. BTW our government, or the entire EU I think, has recently decreed that any plastic shopping bag must cost at least 0.25 EUR no matter the size. No more free bags with your shopping. These textile bags are 1 EUR and last forever.

Main reason to buy this tiny thing was it folds so it fits in any car without much ado. Still looking for a used car.

While I’m talking about plastic bags, a common argument you hear is, oh we waste precious oil by producing them. Two logical mistakes there: Oil is the second cheapest liquid after water. So it’s not actually PRECIOUS. And second – plastic bags are made from NatGas for a LOOOONG time now… because that’s even cheaper.

So next time you hear that argument – it’s a stupid lie. Surprise, surprise. And we could add that oil, were it to actually BECOME precious i.e. scarce, would simply be synthesized from other fuels via the Fischer-Troppsch process (invented in Weimar Germany); from coal, wood, rubbish or anything else that contains carbon and hydrogen. This is of course the magic of that oft-derided thing “the market”, where commodities that rise in price are quickly replaced/synthesized/avoided because it becomes the economic thing to do. (we should mention Julian Simon’s Ultimate Resource here (spoiler: it’s human ingenuity). (We should also mention that politicians usually love to stand in the way of the market for reasons unknown. Maybe so they can extract money via badly justified fees and taxes? Hmm… that could be it…)

But, you say, these textile bags start to be full of germs! Yeah sure. When you buy groceries you put them in SMALL plastic bags (which are free) before putting them in your textile bag. So – no problem.

We can also put this in the “health” category. It’s of course fun to bike to work. And, it burns tons of calories. About 15 grams of carbohydrate heavy food a kilometer. As I do 5 km a day at least, this is noticeable. I actually have to add some sweets/snacks to my diet to keep my weight.¬† Gummi bears (for the Hyaluronic acid) (take the ones with real Gelatine, not that vegan crap) (works wonders against joint pains, replenishes your cartilage. Your body has a hard time synthesizing the molecule, and loves using it from cartilage you provide. It’s a magical molecule that holds 100 times its weight in water so that’s why it buffers your joints, or that of any other vertebrate); chocolate bars (to coffee! Cocoa antioxidants!), potatoe chips (your trusty bulk fuel. Make sure you empty a 200g bag in one go! Cheap and fuely!).

Extrapolating that consumption would be 1.5 kg of fuel for 100 km , whereas a small car consumes maybe 6 liters of gasoline over that distance. So, we’re pretty efficient with the bike, due to low weight and low speed, thus low air resistance. Energy density of carbohydrate food and gasoline is sorta comparable, maybe a factor of 2 in favor of pure gasoline…

Going off on a world explaining rant after a photo of your clown bike shows that you’re old…


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