JavaScript Development Treasure Trove

I mentioned JavaScript development using Node.JS / appJS.

Now I found some great resources to try out your own JS code in a web sandbox, and get free JS source code from others who publish theirs.

Namely, jsfiddle and plunker (

Here’s for example a list builder at JSFiddle.

I use google to sift through JSFiddle; just enter

list builder jsfiddle

at google. So if you need something else, chances are somebody has already started it. Let’s see if there’s a time series chart at JSFiddle shall we. Let’s google

time series chart jsfiddle

And… Here’s one. Of many.

This is like shooting fish in a barrel. Add “/show” to the end of the URL, reload, and you get it in one HTML page that you can save to your harddisk and you have the source code.


Oh and there’s dirtdirectory. Despite the strange name it is a nice list of all kinds of free software tools run by some foundation. I think I will use it to get a news stream of software releases.

That’s it for now.


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