About the USA defending Germany

So I just read an article on zerohedge called America’s Imperial Overstretch in which the author says

And why is the defense of the Baltic republics and East Europe our responsibility, 5,000 miles away, not Germany’s, whose economy is far larger than that of Russia?

What the author does not seem to know is that Germany is by law, namely Artikel 120 Grundgesetz (which was created with the “help” of the “Allied”) (the Grundgesetz is our permanent Ersatz-constitution and promises that someday we’ll get a constitution, for reals!), required to pay ALL costs of the occupation. This state of affairs has never ended.

Artikel 120 (Besatzungskosten/Kriegsfolgelasten)

This means that, far from ruining the USA by requiring them to give us free “protection”, the US gets a prime location for a gigantic airbase in Ramstein for free from us – with the entire operation funded by the German taxpayer.

Official cost estimates are nonexistent. Unofficial estimates are 30 bn EUR; about 1.5 % of GDP or so. But; I don’t know how this number is calculated so take with a grain of salt.

So if the USA cannot afford her empire anymore it’s not the Germans’ fault. I see this misconception time and again so I just wanted to clarify that.


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