The Solution for Electric Vehicles

The problem of the Electric car is CARRYING its electricity in bulky heavy batteries.
It has an existing competition: the train, which runs electrically and uses the main advantage of electricity, mobility.

The PROBLEM of the train is low traffic density and the cause of it, the long breaking distance, caused by low friction of the wheels.

So the solution is the combination of a car’s rubber tyres with the wires of the electric train.

This already exists as an electric bus, what’s it called, a Trolleybus. So now what we need is individual Trolleycars (which use a small buffer battery – or a bank of UltraCaps -when leaving a wire heading for a different one e.g. on an Autobahn Exit).

See Electric Road Trains and Get wired (again): Trolleybuses and Trolleytrucks. And look at the “related” links below, LowTechMagazine has lots of interesting stories.

BTW the “Tesla” car is a terrible misnomer as Tesla was researching wireless power transmission (at least regarding cars). Musk should have called it the Edison car. Edison researched batteries. (after Tesla had long ceased to be an employee of his).


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