The Political Spectrum In Germany

From left to right that’s:

AntiFa – The Left – Greens – SPD – CDU – AfD.

(I omit the FDP because they will do whatever their coalition partner demands. Nominally they are free market.)

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The USDJPY Is The Machine Gun…

…of the commissariat of Finance which pours
fire into the rear of the bourgeois system (Preobrazhensky – partner of Lenin)

Oh wait, I misremembered that. In fact he said

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Global Warming, CO2 Turns World Green

Surprised, baffled, stunned warmunists discover Liebig’s Law, say that CO2 AND warming (whichever was the limiting factor) served to increase vegetation globally. In a stunning parallel to Liebig’s Law, they also happen to recognize that this cannot continue forever in those cases where ground nutrient then become the limiting factor! One wonders- these are too many coincidences – maybe one of them actually googled Liebig?

German: (Has some maps and animation so even if you don’t read German there’s something for you)
SPIEGEL is a Bertelsmann publication. (Gütersloh; oligarchic)
Nature Climate Change (which published the study) is a von Holtzbrinck Group publication. (Stuttgart, arch-green)

Wait you say, DirkH admits the globe has been warming? Yes it has; since 1750; and it is called “return from the Little Ice Age”(into which we might now fall back as a new Grand Minimum of the sun has begun a few years back – and sunspots have all but vanished already. Meaning that the field strength of the EM field of the sun is approaching zero).

This gets a tag “warmunism” for the study by warmunists; and a tag “science” for Liebig. Warmunism and Science are of course mutually exclusive categories.

What’s With Lake Mead?

So I was wondering, what’s with Lake Mead. Didn’t hear anything about the Californian drought or the water level in Lake Mead for a while. So I guess the drought is over otherwise our journalists would have continued screaming about the terrible Global Warming we’re causing. Anyway, here’s a recent blog post I found and rather like for various reasons.

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