Acres Of Diamonds

I recently found this pretty old American motivational speech – back when there were no youtube lectures and interviews of smart fellows.

Russell Conwell

Acres of Diamonds

delivered over 5000 times at various times and places from 1900-1925

I’m always interested in the various approaches that motivational speakers or generally smart people offer to life and success. Conwell has some anecdotes about people who travelled the entire world in search of success when they sat on a treasure right where they were without recognizing it. Sounds a lot like “Home Sweet Home” etc. but there’s some wisdom in it in my opinion.

Now you might not be literally sitting on a diamond. But there might just be something special and very valuable – a skill, a relationship, a pile of software or used car parts – right where you are. So before renting a ridiculously expensive tiny hole in San Francisco and trying to become the next unicorn company, think a little whether such options exist. Look out for it and keep looking for it when you don’t find it immediately. Be persistent.



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